Palliative & Hospice Care Advocate,  Pediatrician, Stanford Children’s Health

Officers (2021-2022)

President: Mukund  Acharya, PhD  Social Entrepreneur, Healthy Living and Palliative Care Advocate,  Hiking Enthusiast, Former Aerospace Engineering Professor & Technologist

Vice President: Neelu Mehra, MD Palliative Care Expert and Specialist, Physician at Kaiser Healthcare

Secretary: Vasudha Ramanarasiah  School Teacher. Full-time volunteer at many nonprofit organizations and enjoys cooking, gardening and is a podcast junkie!

Treasurer: Jayashree Desale, MS Hospice Care Advocate, Community Activist and Volunteer, Software Engineer

Executive Committee Members (2021 -2022)


Senior Advisor:  Jerina Kapoor, MD Palliative & Hospice Care Advocate,  Pediatrician, Stanford Children’s Health

Senior AdvisorSmita Patel Volunteer, Writer, Web and Communications Manager

[Other appointments expected in February 2021]

Sukham Team

Anjali Deshmukh, MD Psychiatrist at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

Anu Bandi  Volunteer, Software Engineer at Google

Bhupen Mehta Volunteer, Veteran leader of non-profit organizations

Bomi Patel Community Activist and Volunteer

Govind Desale  Community volunteer, hospice advocate, mathematician, retired network engineer

Jyoti Lulla, MD Recently retired as Physician, Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara. Also a Hindu Chaplain, iSAGE trained

Kersi Daruwalla  Hospice & Vigil Volunteer, Outdoor Enthusiast with a Zest for Life

Mahnoor Allawala Research coordinator at UCSF Memory and Aging Center

Mangala Kumar Volunteer, Healthy Living and Palliative Care Advocate

Nayanatara Rao MD  General Geriatrics, Hospice and Palliative Medicine

Pavani Kaushik  Volunteer, Mother, Artist, Writer – and a perpetual Work-in-progress

Pushpa Sreeharsha Community Volunteer

Pranav Rao Student at Santa Clara University. Website design and Implementation Lead. Enjoys creating animations, airplanes, music and is an avid Lego Builder. Visit for more information!

Rita Ghatak, PhD Gerontologist, Founder/ Director Aging 101 and Founder Aging Adult Services at Stanford. Active in Aging policy, patient care, teaching and research

Sangita Seshadri Community Volunteer

Saroj Pathak President & CEO Explorabox, a non profit dedicated to STEM education. Electrical engineer and entrepreneur

Sulekha Chaudhuri PhD Scientist, Consultant- Medical Devices, Regulatory Affairs. Volunteer for a few non-profit organizations.

Uday Kapoor Mental Health Advocate, Community Activist and Organizer, Electrical Engineer/Management

Uma Chowdury Volunteer, Financial Analyst, Financial Coach