Heart-Healthy Recipe Exchange

The Hindu Community Institute (HCI) (www.hinduci.org) and Sukham are collaborating to bring this heart-healthy recipe exchange.We love to eat good, tasty food. We also love to share our favorite recipes with others.  This recipe-exchange program is designed to promote the sharing of heart-healthy recipes that everyone can enjoy, while building awareness and promoting improved diets in the community.

Did you know that the #1 health risk factor for South Asians in the US is atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD)? To learn more, read: South Asian Heart Health – Increased Risks Explained.

We cannot control our genes, but we can control our lifestyle and habits.  One important thing we can – and should – do is to adopt a nutritious and heart-healthy diet, while eating the foods we enjoy. We recommend that you read All That You Need to Know About Nutrition for South Asians. Also, Harvard’s School of Public Health recommends the Mediterranean-DASH Diet Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay, or MIND diet for health of the aging brain.


Submitting Recipes

Submit your favorite recipes to the Exchange via email to [email protected]   Attach the recipe as Word document. Include your email address and contact information.


Review & Addition to Exchange

Dr. Divya Selvakumar, a Scholar at HCI and registered dietitian, academic, & nutrition specialist supervises this Exchange. She reviews all submitted recipes, and modifies them as needed, to ensure they meet heart-healthy dietary guidelines. Dr. Selvakumar will add a section on the nutrition value of the recipe, describe the Ayurvedic perspective if needed, and incorporate it into a standard template.

The recipe will then be added to this Exchange and be available for free download.




Heart Healthy Recipes



  • More to come! We will continue to add recipes periodically, as we review edit and approve reader submissions.  Thank you for your participation in this effort to promote the enjoyment of heart-healthy f0ods.