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Pranayama: A Matter of Life and Breath

 Scholars of Sanskrit give us various meanings for the word Prana including breath (or life-force), energy, spirit and soul. A simple meaning of Pranayama is breath control. An important text in Hindu tradition compiled prior to 400 CE, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, describes the theory and practice of Yoga. The section on practice, or Sadhana Pada, describes Pranayama – breathing techniques to control the prana or life force – as the fourth of eight branches or limbs of Yoga, preliminary to the subsequent branches of withdrawal of the senses and concentration.

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What Is The Key To Healthy Aging?

Aging is not an event – it’s a continuous process. It can creep up on you, sometimes in a disruptive fashion. However, it is an inexorable process. Have you noticed, however that although we’re all aging, some people feel older or younger than they are? How old do you feel? Would you like to know if there’s a better way to age?  To age well? 

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